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  • Common Ground @ Belmont University

    I had the privilege of organizing and participating in a panel discussing many different political ideas last week.  The panel was hosted by David Plazas, an editor at the Tennessean (our local newspaper) in a discussion about different views of key millennial issues.  We are making liberty win at Nashville and educating students about the …

  • The Land of the Not So Free: With Jeff Deist, Julie Borowski, and Liberty Memes

    On 4/20, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Syracuse University held a panel on the economic, medical, and social impacts of the War on Drugs. Around 80 individuals attended the event, mainly students and those from the surrounding community. CEO of Students for Liberty, Wolf von Laer, moderated the event, giving a very interesting …

  • Join YAL at ISFLC 2013!

    Don’t forget to register for the ISFLC here and RSVP on Facebook!

  • Leaving Aside Sorba, the Whole Panel Was Rotten

    In addition to that YAF Creep, most of the rest “Two Minute Activist” panel in which he participated was also awful. And with the exception of SFL’s Alexander McCobin, none of them challenged the drone neocon component of the audience to the slightest. I’m not saying these other guys aren’t independent thinkers — I don’t know them — but they certainly didn’t exhibit …