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Tag: parenting
  • I Bet You’ve Wanted to Do This, but You Have a Heart

    In another bright and shining example of people relying on the nanny state to be their nanny:  According to an article from TheSmokingGun.com a “mother called police to report that the child was crying, screaming, and refusing to go to bed.” So the police rush to the rescue and attempt to subdue the 10-year-old girl …

  • Barack’s Brainwashed Brigades

    No, Department of Education bureaucrat- it isn’t “silly” to oppose indoctrinating kids as young as “pre-K,” with Obama’s pro-state propaganda. It’s “silly” to think that children watching the eloquent Obama speak his professionally-crafted words, especially under the assumption that he is some sort of God-like authority, couldn’t possibly be politically and/or emotionally “modified.” On another note, good …