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  • The Day All Action Ceased

    What is property? More specifically, at its essential theoretical core, beyond the artifice of legal fiat: what is property? Somewhat broadly, property is anything that satisfies each of the following requirements: property is scarce; property possesses objective (intersubjectively ascertainable) borders; and property has a determinable temporal genesis. The theory of intellectual property (IP) posits that …

  • Dislike: Facebook Sued for Patent Infringement

    You can bet Mark Zuckerberg won’t “like” this. According to BBC, Facebook is being sued for its use of the “Like” button. It seems that Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer—a quintessential Dutch name if there ever was one—patented a “Like” button for his primitive social networking site Surfbook in 1998. Van Der Meer passed …