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Tag: persuasion
  • When persuading others to liberty, focus on non-creeps

    A major vice of humanity is the inability of many people to admit they’re wrong about–well– anything!. You see it all the time in day-to-day life. An intellectually dishonest professor failing to take responsibility for a flawed mode of thinking. A “post-revolution” “bro,” failing to take responsibility for treating women like slabs of meat. And …

  • Converting a generation to libertarianism

    How do you guys go about persuading the throngs of statist and/or apathetic students about the merits of liberty? Personally, I don’t like to directly bring up politics and/or libertarianism to random people, but have trouble shutting my yapper if someone seeks to engage me on the philosophy behind all those weird Facebook statuses. In terms of actual communication, I …