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Tag: Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital
  • What Obama Should Really Do to Spur Job Growth

    This statement from Mr. Schiff was entered into the Congressional Record on the morning of September, 13 2011 as testimony before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending hearing:  “Take Two: The President’s Proposal to Stimulate the Economy and Create Jobs.”

  • Don’t Be an Uneducated Silver and Gold Buyer

    I know being a student or recent grad doesn’t allow for much investing, but as of late many opportunities have come up to get your physical silver and gold purchases started. I won’t go into detail about my own personal investment practices, however I went into most of my investments trusting the person on the …

  • Peter Schiff on the Fed’s Future

    When you think of the financial crisis and the lonely voices that predicted the housing market and dollar’s demise, what face do you see? If Peter Schiff pops into your head, you’ve been paying close attention. Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, sat down with our Director, Pasha Roberts, to discuss the economic-disaster world …

  • ‘Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis’ on Youtube

    Johan Norberg’s new documentary entitled ‘Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis’ is now available in its entirety on youtube.  The documentary features interviews with Pete Schiff, Gerald Celente, and Vernon Smith, as well as others. Check it out and spread it around.

  • Peter Schiff asks “Why Not Another World War?”

    In his most recent article, Austrian economist Peter Schiff  analyzes the old Keynesian belief that the so-called stimulus of war time spending can rescue economies and pull us out of depressions. There is overwhelming agreement among economists that the Second World War was responsible for decisively ending the Great Depression. When asked why the wars …

  • Dear University Alumni Office

    Other YAL bloggers and I have posted repeatedly on the way government intervention in the student loans/aid market has driven up the cost of college.  See, for instance, Peter Schiff on “How Government Programs Drive up College Tuitions,” or Mish Shedlock on how Obama’s student loans proposals will just lure students into greater unsustainable debt. …

  • Is Obama’s new student loans bill good for students?

    Short answer is no. Let’s analyze why. The argument for the bill seems simple enough, right? The Administration essentially wants to cut companies out of the game and run the system itself. Democrats claim the move will save $87 billion over 10 years, which can be used for a laundry list of education priorities, including …

  • Schiff Destroys Krugman

    Usually Peter Schiff rambles in his video blogs, but in this one he says so much and utterly destroys Paul Krugman (not that its too hard). Its unfortunate that even though Peter Schiff is consistently right about stocks and economic policy, he is still ignored.

  • New Series on Health Care from C4L

    Featuring: Dr. Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, MEP Daniel Hannan, Dr. Ron Paul, and Dr. Tom Woods.  Sounds good, no?  Here’s the intro video.  The first segment, with Schiff, is below the jump.