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  • Listen to Those Who Saw It Coming

    “Air Force veteran Nellie Cooper thought she was following good advice when she refinanced her home’s mortgage with an adjustable-rate loan,” writes Gidget Fuentes of armytimes.com.  Turns out this was not the case.  Rather, following many years of illusionary expansion and soaring prices in the housing market, people like Cooper faced “financial ruin” when it …

  • Lightening Round with Peter Schiff

    A week from today, we will be meeting with Peter Schiff to sit down and talk about Silver Circle‘s dystopian setting and the correlation to the world we live in today. Schiff is known best for his prediction of the 2008 economic downturn, which is now evolving into his 2011 predictions. It’s not looking pretty for the dollar and …

  • Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

    Overdose – The Next Financial Crisis : Official Trailer from Martin Borgs on Vimeo. Johan Norberg, author and Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, has a new documentary called Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis. The film is based on Norberg’s book Financial Fiasco which gives a rundown of the events that led up to the …

  • Schiff Challenges Greenspan to a Debate

    The challenge doesn’t come til about the eight minute mark — this would be a sweet debate to watch, no?  Note:  YAL does not support or oppose any candidates for office.

  • Cash for Caulkers

    If you regularly watch or read interviews with Peter Schiff, you’ll know he has long predicted a ‘dough-for-dumps’ program.  Like many of the other successes he’s had in forecasting the economic situation we are in, it appears his dough-for-dumps scenario may be realized to an extent.  Expect to see it announced next week by the …

  • College graduates’ loan debt climbs to record levels

    For students in Oregon (and around the country) times aren’t good.  Debt and tuition are up; job opportunities are down: More than 60 percent of Oregon’s 2008 graduates in public and private colleges took loans averaging $21,029. That is the 22nd highest debt rate in the nation, and just slightly lower than the national average …

  • Judge Nap in Negotiations for FOX TV spot– Let’s help him out!

    Ernest Hancock reports that Judge Napolitano is in negotiations with Fox News to put “Freedom Watch” on the air–Right now! To those unfamiliar with Napolitano’s program, it is the real deal. “Freedom Watch,” is no wussified, watered-down version of liberty, but rather, a fearless upholding of classical liberalism in opposition to government theft, coercion, and mass …

  • Can’t Keep Peter Schiff Down

    I caught this yesterday on CNBC’s Fast Money and, as with any Peter Schiff video, it is worth the 5 minutes of your time.  The best part is definitely when Schiff mentions the Dow is not going up in terms of real money (Gold) and gets a few laughs from the hosts. 

  • Ron and Rand Paul, Schiff, Stossel, Napolitano on Glenn Beck Show

    Judge Napolitano was filling in for Glenn Beck on Friday’s show and had Ron and Rand Paul as guests as well as Peter Schiff and John Stossel.  Enjoy:

  • Peter Schiff on Glenn Beck Show

    Once again, I am late to inform you that Peter Schiff was on the Glenn Beck show tonight at 5 p.m. eastern. However, there is this wonderful thing called Youtube. Check out the video here.