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Tag: Politics-as-usual
  • The Myth of “Public Service”: Part 1,666,666 (and yes, the numbering is intentional)

    Congressmen are elected to serve the people, not to preserve their seats. Yet it’s obvious to all none-partisan drones that 99.9% of the Congressmen, whether D or R, are in it for themselves. Consider this excerpt from the story on the upcoming health care vote  that Bonnie shared earlier: Democrats are worried about holding their members together on a GOP …

  • The God-King Preaches to a Dutiful Flock

    I am eating an oh-so-delicious crispy chicken lunch right now at my favorite spot on campus, the Skutt Student Center. The only irritating aspect about the SSC is that  the big screen TV’s “coincidentally” always seem to be on CNN with full-blast volume when the God-King is making one of his allegedly  historical, yet basically conventional, political speeches. Even wired with the supposedly sound-proof special headphones …