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  • 79% of Americans say more DC spending doesn’t help

    A new Reason-Rupe poll has some interesting and telling findings—namely that a vast majority of Americans don’t think that increased federal spending since the 1990s has improved their quality of life. Here are the details: Adjusted for inflation, federal spending per capita has increased approximately 39 percent since 1992, yet a new Reason-Rupe poll finds 79 percent …

  • Poll: Cable News Viewing Habits

    Over at my personal blog, I’ve posted a poll surveying others’ cable news viewing habits. Since my graduate thesis is on the broadcast fairness doctrine, I thought I’d do some very unscientific research. To view and/or participate in the poll, click here. Thanks.

  • Democrats Have More Positive View of the Term “libertarian” than Republicans do

    An interesting poll was released by the Pew Research Center yesterday. They polled people on whether they viewed certain terms positively or negatively.  Reactions to the word “libertarian” are evenly divided — 38% positive, 37% negative. On balance, Republicans view “libertarian” negatively, Democrats are divided, while independents have a positive impression of the term. States’ …

  • Americans Don’t Trust Washington to Solve Their Problems

    According to a recent Pew poll, four out of five Americans don’t trust Washington to solve their problems, and one in three view the American government as a “major threat” to their freedoms. Just 19 percent said they were “basically content” with the federal government, 56 percent said they were “frustrated,” and 21 percent described …