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  • Legalizing Marijuana More Popular Than Obama, Health Reform, and the War on Terror

    From the California Independent Voter Network: You read that right. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults has more widespread support than President Obama’s administration. Pot legalization is also more popular than the recent health care bill that passed in Congress and has higher approval ratings than our handling of the Global War on Terror… …

  • New Poll Shows Majority Disapprove of Obama

    Yes, there are some good news in the midst of all this. A new CNN poll shows that Obama’s approval rating is not so much a good news for him. The poll reveals that 51% of the 1,030 participants disapprove of the president. Healthcare also received a high negative rating of 56%. The highest negeative …

  • Withdraw Consent!

    A mere twenty-one percent of Americans believe that the US government has the consent of the governed. Twenty-one percent. One out of five Americans believe that the government has legitimacy. Absorb that for a moment. The oversized federal government has finally met its day of reckoning. Simply put, it’s too big. But not too big …

  • 39% Approval = Marginally Universal Healthcare

    Hey Democrats, don’t worry if the health care bill ends up dying. According to this poll, you’ll only upset 39% of the country.

  • National Job Approval: Pres. Barack Obama

  • Support for Afghan War Drops

    The LA Times‘ Top of the Ticket blog, which regularly covered Ron Paul throughout his presidential campaign, reports that support for the Afghan war has hit a new low: Fifty-two percent of the 1,001 adult Americans polled Nov. 12-15 now say the war there has not been worth the cost, down 13 points in the …

  • Obama’s Approval Rating

    We wrote earlier about Obama’s approval rating falling below 50%, but another telling sign is the Presidential Approval Index, the difference between those who Strongly Approve of his performance and those who Strongly Disapprove. HT Power Line, which has analysis.  

  • Only 53%?!?

    Rasmussen has just released some new and interesting polls claiming that only 53% of Americans believe that capitalism is better than socialism. 20% disagree with this statement and 27% aren’t sure which is better. This, compared to an earlier survey last December where 70% of Americans preferred a free-market economy, brings Rasmussen to the conclusion …