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Tag: Public Choice Theory
  • Passage of Paul-Grayson Amendment is Epic Victory for Liberty

    Glenn Greenwald has a great take on the passage of the Paul-Grayson Amendment reviving HR1207. I have to admit I was rather cynical when the state-friendly Mel Watt version was passed. I thought HR1207 was history, as I’m sure many of you did.   It is not hyperbole, then, for Greenwald to say: “A congressionally mandated …

  • Hey Parasites — Stop calling yourself “Public Servants.”

    Apparently public choice theory isn’t good enough for the politicians. Rather than admitting that they’re in public life for their own self-interest, they cling to this silly narrative about a “calling to servce” being the driving force of their careers. Case in point, yesterday’s “community service, forum” presented by Presidents George H.W. Bush and Barack …