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  • Purdue Young Americans for Liberty Fall Recruitment 2014

    The close of the spring 2014 semester left the Purdue YAL chapter with only one returning officer. However, a successful Fall 2014 Recruitment Drive has bolstered our chapter’s numbers and filled the officers’ slate with new faces and fresh energy. Recruitment kicked off with a YAL presence at the annual Purdue B-Involved Activities Fair in August. With the …

  • Purdue University War on Youth Activism

    Despite somewhat inclement weather, our spring activism project, War on Youth, was a success! A front passed through West Lafayette on the days we had scheduled the event, which led to cooler and windier weather than originally anticipated. As such, set up and operation were made somewhat more difficult. After a long effort by the more technical …

  • Purdue Welcomed Jacob Hornberger!

    “The Income Tax and the Welfare-Warfare State” by Jacob G. Hornberger from The Future of Freedom Foundation on Vimeo. Purdue University YALiberty added a great speaker to its 2010 guest list:  Mr. Jacob Hornberger of the Future Freedom Foundation.

  • Tax Day: Interview with Thomas Graber

  • Purdue Chapter Going Strong

      The Purdue University YAL chapter is persistently fighting for liberty on campus.  Their next event is one of their monthly “Freedom Forums,” this time about concealed carry on campus.  The image above is one they are distributing on campus and the area. Purdue’s YAL chapter also has other upcoming events, including a Indiana state …

  • Winner of $150 Recruitment Week Grant

    Congratulations to Indiana University-Bloomington for winning the recruitment week event! This great group met all the criteria the contest requested, sending us a sample of their sign-up sheet and causing controversy on campus over their school’s refusal to bring Tom Woods to speak under false pretenses.  IU-YAL went from door to door in their dorms,  …