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Tag: race-baiting
  • Video: What’s Racist About Balanced Budgets?

  • Rules for Racists

    A textbook tactic of statist radicals in America is the systematic character assassination of their enemies as racists. Loathe to engage their intellectual opponents in a real discussion of the issues, lest the radicals should be perceived for what they are and lose the fight to bring America under their heel, they prefer instead to …

  • What’s Racist about Balanced Budgets?

    The internet and blogosphere are abuzz today with discussion of the NAACP’s resolution that the Tea Party is racist (e.g. here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here — all via Memeorandum). How predictable! For decades now, any opposition to the progressive expansion of state power, control, and influence is met with accusations of …

  • A Question for Rachel Maddow

    Watching Rachel Maddow attack Rand Paul with a typical, predictable, closed-minded, and intentionally dense line of questioning:  “Should restaurant owners be allowed to discriminate against racial minorities? Yes or no, please,” I have a question of my own for her. Rachel, should black restaurant owners be forced to serve white nationalists? Hmm? Say David Duke …

  • The Tea Parties Are More Diverse Than MSNBC

    The Dallas Tea Party answers Keith Olbermann’s criticism that the Tea Parties are an exclusively “white” protest movement: Hat tip: Matthew Hurtt. Bonus video:

  • “Win Ben Stein’s apology”?

    As Rachel reported earlier, armchair warrior Ben Stein called Ron Paul “anti-semitic” for advocating the foreign policy of Jefferson. For all his faults, I never took Stein to be a race-baiter, but he ought to apologize to Dr. Paul for this completely unwarranted, kneejerk reaction to a conversation that had nothing to do with Jewish people …