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  • Attn: Southern Cali YAL Members

    California State University YAL in San Marcos will be holding a rally and march tomorrow to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. When: Thursday March 25th at 12:00- 1:00pm Where: On CSU- San Marcos campus the YAL chapter will start to march at the bottom of the stairs of the Chavez Plaza by Lot T …

  • Getting in bed with Mel Watt & the Fed

    When we get in bed… with Mel Watt & the Fed… We have to expect… the disease they spread… HONK TO AUDIT THE FED! This little tactic, among a wealth of others courtesy of the Leadership Institute, is known as Operation Burmashave. Gotta love student innovation! The above photo is from the Charlotte “End the …

  • National End the Fed Rally

    Yesterday, November 22nd, was the National End the Fed Rally. At locations all across the country,  individuals came together to protest the unchecked powers of the Federal Reserve. Click here to watch videos of the day’s event.