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Tag: Reason TV
  • Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?

    Yesterday, Reason TV released the third installment of their video series entitled, Don’t Cops Have Better Things to Do?  The series features instances where police officers have been wasting time and resources by setting up stings in order to catch the unsuspecting “criminals” who stumble into their traps.  Check out the previous two episodes, too:

  • Debt Ceiling Rap

      Although our deficit seems to be growing with no end in sight, this rap by Reason TV can at least bring us some humor in these confusing economic times. 

  • Matt Damon gets an F in ‘Human Nature 101’

    Ya know, Matt Damon is no genius, but sometimes he pretends to be in his movies… and apparently, at political rallies. A video is making the rounds of Reason reporter Michelle Fields allegedly being “schooled” by Damon on the oh-so-hard life of the average public school teacher and their horrible salaries. Damon makes the following …

  • 5 Rules for Coping with Tragedy

    Reason.tv has a good segment on post-shooting dealings, in reference to the Tuscon, Arizona shooting.  As is pointed out, things like this are bound to happen; the last thing we should do is point fingers.

  • Great Moments in Unintended Consequences

  • Where Do Libertarians Belong?

    From Reason.tv:

  • Obscenity vs. Freedom: All Charges Dropped! …for Now

    As a very quick and unanticipated follow up to my post on Obscenity vs. Freedom, pertaining to the John Stagliano case and the greater issue of Obscenity and Freedom of Expression; the charges against John Stagliano, numbering so greatly that he could have been put behind bars for up to 32 years for a non-violent …

  • Obscenity vs. Freedom

    Reason.tv takes a beautiful look at the ensuing obscenity battle, or as the statists like to put it, “porn war,” being fought in our nation’s court systems. Note how Mr. Trueman says that what is important isn’t rights themselves, but what the courts say are rights. Statists love judicial activism! Note: Viewer discretion is advised. …

  • Reasons Not to Praise Financial ‘Reform’

    In light of the Senate’s passage today of financial ‘reform,’ here’s a video from Reason.tv noting 3 reasons new regulations won’t fix anything:

  • Why Health Care Reform Won’t Save a Cent

    Here’s a recently published video from Reason.tv on why all the talk about the healthcare reform bill cutting the deficit is bogus: The full script of the video, as well as some interesting comments, can be found on Reason’s blog.