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Tag: Regional Task Force
  • UW-Madison YAL Invades UW-Milwaukee

    On May 2nd, the state chair for YAL in Wisconsin, Jordan Krause, and UW-Madison’s YAL chapter president, Aaron McEvoy,visited the UW-Milwaukee campus as part of YAL’s regional task force program. With the help of the UW-Milwaukee chapter president, Glen Cox, we talked to students about YAL’s commitment to free markets, individual liberty, and a more …

  • Regional Task Force trip to Duluth

    This last Friday, members of the U of Minnesota-Twin Cities and St. Cloud State University YAL chapters, and the Midwest director for the Leadership Institute headed to the University of Minnesota Duluth for a Regional Task Force.  Braving wind chill of -30 degrees, skipping class, and taking off work, we all had a very successful day.   …