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  • #YALCon13 Day 3

    View our update on Days 1 & 2 here. This morning kicked off with back to back lectures from perennial favorites — political strategist Mike Rothfeld and the Leadership Institute’s experienced campaign expert, Steve Sutton. Both speakers had attendees taking notes at lightning speed as they learned “The Real Nature of Politics” and how to …

  • Debt Ceiling Rap

      Although our deficit seems to be growing with no end in sight, this rap by Reason TV can at least bring us some humor in these confusing economic times. 

  • Remy on Card Check

    Remy is a musician local to Arlington (where the YAL headquarters is) who happens to be anti-card check (And anti-taxes. This video was made for a TurboTax competition, but its anti-tax commentary is great.).  The card check bill (Employee Free Choice Act) doesn’t seem to be moving forward right now, but the video is still …