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Tag: Rep. Paul Ryan
  • Rep. Ryan on the Problems with the Health Care Bill

    Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin (a graduate of the Washington Semester program at American University, represent!) addressed the cost of the Senate health care bill, in one of the few worthwhile exchanges at the health care summit.

  • CBO on Rep. Ryan’s “Roadmap”

    I have not had the chance to take an in-depth look yet, but the CBO gives Rep. Ryan’s “Roadmap for America’s future” an optimistic rating: The budget deficit would peak at 5 percent of GDP in 2034 and then decline. By 2080, the Roadmap would generate a budget surplus of about 5 percent of GDP. …

  • Rep. Paul Ryan: Liberty’s New Hope in Congress?

    Ron Paul isn’t the only Paul in the House of Representatives on the lookout for liberty.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made a good name for himself fighting for liberty over the past year.  In July, Reason.com asked “Why Can’t Paul Ryan Be the ‘Future of the Republican Party’?”  Last month, Rep. Ryan wrote a …