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Tag: Revolution of 1913
  • The Trouble with the Constitution

    I had been meaning to start this conversation for awhile and Matt Cockerill’s post “Constitutionalism Can Mean Statism” spurred me on.  The liberty movement sometimes finds itself saying “Restore the Republic” by “Respect[ing] the Constitution.”  Fair enough, but restore which elements of the Republic and respect which parts of the Constitution?  1787? 1789? 1870? 1913? Those of us who …

  • DiLorenzo on the Revolution of 1913

  • Is it a counter-revolution?

    Kevin DeAnna at Taki’s Magazine asks, “Is it a revolution?”  It’s an important and prescient question at this most propitious moment.  I hope it is a revolution, or more accurately, a counter-revolution that would restore the relationship between the State and society that existed from 1789 to the Revolution of 1913. To define revolution, I turn to …

  • The Revolution of 1913

    An Old Right man not read enough is Frank Chodorov, a libertarian’s libertarian who believed in individualism and distrusted all political power.  Eulogized by Murray Rothbard and infrequently referenced on Lew Rockwell’s blog, Chodorov is conspicuously absent from most debate nowadays.  He helped found the Intercollegiate Society of Individualists (now Intercollegiate Studies Institute) with the young William F. …