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Tag: Ridiculous
  • 34 Facts about the National Debt

    The original headline for this article said these were “shocking” facts, but I’m guessing they’re not such a surprise to YAL blog readers.  Here are some of my…uhh…favorites: #1 During fiscal year 2011, the U.S. government spent 3.7 trillion dollars but it only brought in 2.4 trillion dollars. #5 The U.S. government spent over 454 …

  • Woman Facing 90 Days in Jail for Planting a Vegetable Garden in her Front Lawn

    It is no surprise that the price of food is increasing due to inflation and high demand. So when prices become unreasonable, would it not make sense to grow your own food, from the privacy of your own front yard? That is what Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan did to help combat the costs …

  • Which proposition is more ridiculous?

  • The Irony of State Regulations

    Whether or not one is opposed to abortion, they at least have to appreciate the blatant contradictions of these sort of government rules:      

  • Can we abolish government schools already?

    This is a scanned image of a rewritten version of the Bill of Rights which is used in Texas at a government-run middle school.  Hat tip to Matthew Hurtt.

  • All emotion, No thinking

    There is so much wrong with this video it is amazing. What is terrorism defined as by the state? Who are the experts? Is it your business to police your city and country? These people have no idea what they are doing and their impact. They haven’t thought of any of the above questions seriously. …

  • It’s a Fork, It’s a Spoon, It’s a … Weapon?

    From the New York Times comes a story of  6 year old child sentenced to 45 days in reform school: Zachary’s offense? Taking a camping utensil that can serve as a knife, fork and spoon to school. He was so excited about recently joining the Cub Scouts that he wanted to use it at lunch. …