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  • It’s 1848 in the Middle East and Everyone’s Dancing in the Desert

    Cross-posted at Interest of the State. In 2005, Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution blossomed. Syria was booted out of occupying its coastal neighbor and the yearning for freedom with responsive government grew, especially after the March 14 protest in Beirut evolved into a political coalition of pro-Western pacifists. In 2009, Iran erupted in its second revolution after …

  • Revolution in Tunisia

    Within the past week, Tunisia has gone from a country of angry protesters to a nation fueled by revolutionary turmoil. The conflict began when a man was killed for stealing food. The people began by protesting the decision; however, protests turned into violent demonstrations over government authority.  According to VOA News, students, professionals, and laborers all …

  • Foreign Policy Handbook Issue 6 Released

    Issue VI of YAL’s Foreign Policy Handbook is now out. Click on the cover below to grab your digital copy!

  • Foreign Policy Handbook | Issue 5 RELEASED

    Issue 5 of the Foreign Policy Handbook is finally out with a new look and layout! 

  • It’s Just a Scary Word

    Hearing Mitt Romney and the rest of the neocons ramble on about foreign policy is like watching an Adolph Hitler speech in 1939. Eloquent at face value, the scare tactics of a neoconservative foreign policy couldn’t contain more fallacies. But my favorite of this litany of spooky words is “Islamofascism.” The term, when left to …

  • Everyone Forgot about Revolutionary Iran

    After the election fiasco of 2009, Iran fell into a vortex of revolution with thousands of citizens taking their frustration to the streets. Riot police attempted to break through ranks of protesting citizens. Civilians were beaten, jailed, and killed. One young woman, Neda, became the face of the nation when a sniper bullet grazed her …

  • Foreign Policy Handbook | Issue 4 RELEASED

    Issue IV of YAL’s Foreign Policy Handbook has been released! Click the cover to read the issue.

  • Hamas Destroys Homes In Gaza

    So… it’s only Israel’s fault, right?

  • Some Artwork

    Here’s a neat little “ad” I made for the Foreign Policy Handbook. Go viral and multiply. 

  • Foreign Policy Handbook Gets Over 1,000 Readers!

    On June 20th, 2010, Foreign Policy Handbook reached and exceeded 1,000 unique readers according to Scribd, the online magazine viewer for FPH. FPH has achieved this in just under three months of its first release. We thank you – the reader – for the great success and encourage you to continue reading our material or …