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Tag: Russia Today
  • Re-evaluating RT

    CNN, FOX, NBC—we know they all have a statist, sensationalist bias.  Many of my politically active friends have found Russia Today (RT) to be a great alternative news source to the obtuse, soporific string of half-truths that fashion American news.  Currently, six of my friends on Facebook have “liked” it, and many more have browsed …

  • Russia Today Interviews YAL on Tax Day

    Rachel Kania:  Young “liberatarian.”

  • Russia Today interviews Young Americans for Liberty…

    …on Ron Paul’s CPAC 2010 Straw Poll win.

  • SCOTUS for the Win

    I was interviewed by Russia Today on Friday to talk about the Citizens United ruling.  I took the pro-First Amendment position.  It proved to be unpopular in the critical public forum of Youtube comments.  Regardless, it was a (generally) good ruling for freedom. Here’s the video:

  • YAL on Russia Today

    Today, Russia Today interviewed two members of YAL National to discuss the current two party system and youth trends in politics.