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Tag: San Francisco State University
  • David Friedman at San Francisco State University

    So we had David Friedman, the son of Milton Friedman, come to the campus and speak about Anarcho-Capitalism and ancient legal systems. It was very interesting because he spoke about how we can model a privatized justice system off of ancient Somalia.

  • Incarceration Nation at San Francisco State University

    Hey everyone, We’ve seen many different protests happen across the country. So we decided to participate in a protest at city hall. We had to inject a little bit of liberty in the movement. The same week, we had our Incarceration Nation event, and had a meeting on criminal justice reform.

  • YAL SFSU Debate

    On March 10, 2015 Young Americans for Liberty at San Francisco State University held our first official debate. The topics were income inequality, the deficit, and free speech. We finally finished editing the first debate. We uploaded it on YouTube, so check out our Facebook page at YAL SFSU. We hope to inspire other YAL …

  • Criminals for Gun Control @ YAL SFSU

    As we all know, more guns means less crime. And more restrictions means more opportunities for criminals. So we at YAL San Francisco State University decided to dress up as criminals and advocate for gun control. We had a list of gun statistics displayed, with sources available, to convey the message that an armed society …

  • School Choice at SFSU

    The previous week was National School Choice Week across the nation. We at YAL San Francisco State University have been strong advocates for school choice and diversity in the education system. Education is the key to ending economic barriers. But what does that mean? We can’t expect, in a mixed society like ours, for a …

  • Constitution Week at San Francisco State!

    YAL @ San Francisco State University made a strong showing for Constitution week! I know, Constitution Week was last week. Well, as we all know, it’s never too late to talk about freedom! So we decided to extend Constitution Week out a day, maybe two. We got the political quiz and built our Free Speech …