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  • Peter Schiff’s Sacrifice

    It dawned on me while reading Lew Rockwell’s blog (well, randomly some period after reading it) that the reason that no one in government understands why we are in such a financial crisis, with the exception of Ron Paul, is because of the opportunity cost of being in Congress while understanding the intricacies of the …

  • The Schiff Report

      I’ve been listening to CNBC all day and in 9 quick minutes Peter Schiff dispells most of their progoganda.

  • Do As I Say, Don’t Do As I Do

    Does anybody remember the various signs, posters, etc. during 2007 calling Obama an empty suit?  Now, I’m not putting the blame completely on him, but, honestly, how can we continue to be a nation that follows the grandiose speeches of a man who continually goes 180 on nearly every promise given during his campaign?  Of …

  • Peter Schiff on the U.S. Economy and Running for U.S. Senate

    Economist and potential Senate candidate Peter Schiff correctly predicted the economic crash that happened over the past year.  Here he sits down with Reason T.V. to discuss our economic problems and how to solve them.