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Tag: Scott Brown
  • Venting On Local Ignorance

    I find it extremely odd how many GOP establishment types continue to support and endorse “Republicans” who act like their socialist counterparts. I recently came across a blogpost on the Brooklyn GOP website titled, “Congratulations, U.S. Senator Brown.” If the Brooklyn GOP knows anything about politics or conservatism, it would understand that Senator Brown is …

  • Two New Videos from the Southern Avenger

    Worth watching, as always.  The first is on “Ron Paul People,” and the second on the false conservatism of Scott Brown.

  • Lessons for an Anti-Establishment Movement

    Daniel McCarthy at The American Conservative‘s blog has an interesting post on the pro-life movement 37 years after Roe v. Wade. Despite some obvious discrepancies between mainstream pro-lifers and libertarians, I have never believed that the two must be as antagonistic as many “economically conservative, socially liberal” Libertarian Party members would indicate. And the problems …

  • Obama Calls for Scaled-back “Reforms”

    Following the victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts: President Barack Obama suggested he’s open to Congress passing a scaled-back health-care bill, potentially sacrificing much of his signature policy initiative as chaos engulfed Capitol Hill Wednesday. One day after losing their filibuster-proof Senate majority in a Massachusetts special election, exhausted Senate Democrats looked downtrodden as they …

  • Lessons from the Brown Victory in Massachusetts

    Hat tip to Jeff Hubbard.

  • Brown’s Victory a Vote of Anger with Government

    Scott Brown isn’t great on all issues, but his win is interesting because it shows that people are at least putting some thought into voting.  Places like California and New England will no longer automatically vote blue, but may be willing to elect candidates based on more than party.  As Mish Shedlock explains, Brown’s victory …

  • Reading between the lines in Scott Brown’s MA Win.

    I don’t expect “MA <3’s GOP” t-shirts are going to be flying off the Boston shelves anytime soon. But the GOP should be excited about their electoral prospects for 2010, given the improbable victory of Republican Scott Brown who will be taking over Ted Kennedy’s senate seat.  (This is not an endorsement of Brown or any …