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Tag: Security
  • On a Road to Disaster

    The New York Times recently reported that a “NATO airstrike on Sunday against what international troops believed to be a group of insurgents ended up killing 27 civilians in the worst episode involving noncombatant deaths in six months, Afghan officials said on Monday.” NATO, an international organization which is supposed to “safeguard the freedom and security …

  • TSA Targeting “Anti-Goverment” Groups

    This makes me sick:  Obama  nominated this man for the TSA, seen here ranting against pro-lifers, Christians, and those who are “anti-government,” among others.   Does that put YAL on the no-fly list?  Know your rights when you go to the airport.

  • That disallowing trips to the bathroom thing is a GENIUS plan, guys.

    That’s not to say we shouldn’t take measures to stop terrorism.  Absolutely, we should.  It would be unjust and foolish not to do so.  But we must take reasonable measures, and it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to me to say that looking into possible motives for this terrorism (and not just the …

  • Security Forces Involved In Massive Attack In Baghdad

    Democray at its best! Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Malaki accused members of the Iraqi Security Forces of being involved in last week’s attacks. The attacks have left 127 people dead and 500+ wounded. Malaki stated: “The network was a large one, 24 from one arm of the Iraqi security forces, 12 from another, and eight …

  • Bag Check

    Who doesn’t love the TSA and their water-stealing practices?

  • Does government really keep us safe?

    This past semester I took a course in logic, which included a very extensive discussion of a little over 15 major logical fallacies, such as the straw man argument or argument ad verecundiam, or appeal to false authority.  By the end of the semester, my roommate – who was also in the class – and …