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  • Tomorrow the FCC will vote on regulating the internet…

    …but we can still take action.  Watch this new video from Shelly Roche and read her full article to find out what you can do to stop this further encroachment of oppressive government.

  • Fed Alert, Part 2

    Big news on the Fed came out this morning — Bernanke will be renominated, a union cheif has been appointed to head the NY Fed, and Bloomberg won its suit against the Fed calling for release of previously undisclosed information.  Here’s a new video on the subject from Shelly Roche (who says H.R. 1207 has …

  • New S. 604 Video Featuring Sen. Jim DeMint

    The current count of cosponsors, however is 19 for S. 604 and 276 for H.R. 1207. Shelly Roche is organizing an ongoing call-a-thon to add Senate cosponsors:

  • Shelly Roche on the Cybersecurity Bill

    More on S.773 here.

  • Freedom Watch 5/13/09

    The most recent episode of the FOX internet TV show hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano featured guests Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Shelley Roche, and Tom Palmer. They discuss recent issues relevant to those who love freedom and the Constitution. Part 1 is embedded below, and here is a link to the …