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Tag: Sound Money
  • Get Copies of a Guide to Sound Money for Your YAL Group!

    FreedomWorks Foundation and Atlas Economic Research Foundation have co-published a pocket booklet A Guide To Sound Money written by Dr. Judy Shelton. And we’re giving copies away! Dr. Shelton is a prominent economist and the author of The Coming Soviet Crash (1989) and Money Meltdown (1994). “Money’s most important function is to provide a useful …

  • I pity the fool who doesn’t buy gold: Mr. T on investment strategy.

    To be fair, he’s repping for a gold company, but this is both interesting and amusing.

  • Rep. Paul Ryan: Liberty’s New Hope in Congress?

    Ron Paul isn’t the only Paul in the House of Representatives on the lookout for liberty.  Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made a good name for himself fighting for liberty over the past year.  In July, Reason.com asked “Why Can’t Paul Ryan Be the ‘Future of the Republican Party’?”  Last month, Rep. Ryan wrote a …

  • Nightly Roundup 11/11/09

    Harry Reid is working hard to muscle ObamaCare through the Senate. The AP reports on Rand Paul’s early promise in the KY senate race.  However, a weakening dollar and rising oil prices point to additional current inflation-related problems. Walter Block is fighting diverso-fascism, and in style. Good for Michele Bachmann for “moving around” the spineless GOP leadership in …