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  • The South Park Political Platform

    If you liked Vladimir Rudenko’s South Park Presentation on the Philosophy of Liberty, you’re going to love my article on the South Park Political Platform: Underneath all of the obscene language, bathroom humor, and shocking political incorrectness of the Comedy Central show’s over 200 episodes, South Park has a plethora of incisive social and political …

  • Rand Paul and Civil Rights

    If anyone has ever seen South Park they would know that the half-hour cartoon on Comedy Central exhibits some of the most politically controversial issues of today compiled in one little show of extreme greatness. I recently stumbled upon one particular episode (or series of episodes) called “Imaginationland.” This particular show was about Kyle, Stan, …

  • South Park Finally Tackles Drug Legalization

    South Park has finally done and episode on marijuana legalization, joining the ranks of Family Guy and the Simpsons.   The premise of the episode is that while in South Park medical marijuana is legal, KFC is not. Watch what happens as Cartman is driven to a black market to get his fix of The …

  • Hate Crime Laws: A Savage Hypocrisy

    In honor of the recent Oklahoma law that restricts the definition of hate crimes, I did a little searching and found this piece of brilliance from the world’s most libertarian cartoon: Obviously Oklahoma’s law doesn’t go quite far enough (and they probably passed it for the wrong reasons), but it’s a move in the right direction.