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Tag: Spending
  • Ax the Tax at Temple

    We hosted our final event of the year at Temple, Ax the Tax! We set up by the Bell Tower with the inflatable ax and some interesting facts about the US tax code.  As people walked by we asked, “Do you know where your taxes are going?” Most people looked at us blankly as if …

  • The Spending Merry-Go-Round

    Is this more funny or more sad?

  • Contract from America

    The Tea Party Patriots organization released their “Contract from America” at the Tea Party in Washington DC yesterday. There’s a good amount of solidly libertarian/fiscally conservative planks in there, and a total absence of any that refer to foreign policy (it’s too bad the Audit the Fed plank didn’t make it in though). Certainly some …

  • Wisdom from a Drunken Sailor

    Hat tip to eatliver.com.

  • Deficit & Debt: Goodbye American Power

    The United States has an interesting role in global markets. Since World War II, the US has entangled itself in superfluous alliances and Keynesian markets, engaging in the same illusory markets as its European counterparts. As Jihan discussed, we have recently learned that President Barack Obama’s proposed federal budget may put the United States’ economic …

  • Ron Paul on Obama’s Disingenuous “Spending Freeze”

  • Health Care “Reform” = Higher Deficit, Inefficiency, and Control

    According the the Congressional Budget Office, the health care “reform” bill will cost $848 billion and would cut the deficit by $130 billion over the next decade. This is ludicrous. Watch the video below to see just how irrational this mode of thinking is:

  • Can we spend too much? For once, yes we can…

    …Oh wait, we already did. For more on the problems with government spending to help the economy (I know, I know, that’s a funny one. Thing is, I don’t think they’re joking) read some of Tom Woods’ books or LewRockwell.com articles, or attend one of his upcoming appearances in your area.