YAL in Action

Check out YAL activities on campus and updates from around the liberty movement.

  • Ole Miss YAL chapter travels to SRLC

    The Ole Miss YAL chapter traveled with 15 people to the SRLC in support of liberty and Ron Paul.   Thanks, guys, for traveling to support freedom!

  • YAL at the SRLC

    Here is what I was able to throw together of our YAL Chapter’s trip to New Orleans to attend the SRLC. I don’t have an HD camera so it’s not the best quality. Sorry about that. If you notice anything wrong with the video (spelling errors, etc.) let me know so I can edit it …

  • Pictures from SRLC

    Here are a few pictures from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Most of them are of our group meeting Dr. Paul. I might be able to find some more we took inside the conference. We had several people with cameras. Hopefully soon I can post some video clips of speeches. 

  • Ron Paul Addresses the Empire

    “All empires end for financial reasons…”

  • Ron Paul’s Great SRLC Speech and Heroic Broader Impact

    (See parts 2 and 3 below the jump) This is so ridiculously awesome. It’s absolutely amazing how much the movement has expanded. Look at what Ron Paul has accomplished:  A mainstream crowd at an establishment GOP gathering are clapping raw for a platform of sound monetary policies and a foreign policy of non-interventionism. I mean really, If one isn’t a methodological individualist, how …

  • Ron Paul Loses by 1 (Yes, ONE) Vote in SRLC Straw Poll

    Reporting outside the Hilton Conference center in the Big Easy: Just as the headline reads, Ron Paul lost the 2010 Presidential Straw Poll by one single vote to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  This one vote, however, really comes off as a big win for Congressman Paul–Evangelicals for Mitt spent tens of thousands trying to influence …