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Tag: State worship
  • Is this really the best they can do?

    I suppose the military hegemony of the US government makes the Roman Empire a natural ideal for it, but this propaganda cartoon’s blatant promotion of an “obediance-at-all costs,” attitude still makes it ridiculous and ineffective. Particularly bizarre is the  fact that this Census Bureau ad is ostensibly intended to appeal to Christians, even though the Roman state murdered Jesus Christ. (Which makes …

  • “Come, all you little children — SING to please your God-King!”

    That is, sing for the health care proposals of President Obama, the God-head of the sanctified state…. Doesn’t the fact that teachers inundate schoolchildren with this sort of propaganda, who in turn shriek it at us through the MSM, call into question the notion that this is a “free” society?  But good for Willy, who makes a plug for …