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Tag: Stimulus
  • So what happened with Solyndra?

    Here are the details (hint:  If it looks like corruption, and sounds like corruption, and smells like corruption…).

  • “Spooky” Krugman Says Alien Invasion Good for Economy

    We’ve come to save your economy. “The Truth is out there,” Special Agent Fox “Spooky” Mulder used to say on the television series The X-Files as he and his partner hunted down unexplained phenomena and searched for extraterrestial life. For Paul Krugman, economic Nobel Prize recipient, the truth is way, way out there as he …

  • Another Job Growth Plan = Selective Subsidization

    If the history of political meddling in the economy teaches us anything, it is that people seldom come to a realization of basic economic realities. That’s why President Obama can come up with yet another plan to ‘stimulate’ our economy like this: That’s why we need to take further steps to create jobs and keep the …

  • A Real Bridge to Nowhere

    As if more evidence was needed in the case against economic stimulus:

  • How to Make Yourself Look Good

    Here’s an article from Cato which gave me the idea for this cartoon.

  • Henry Hazlitt and the “Stimulus”

    Since the “stimulus” was enacted into law in February 2009, the economy has lost a whopping 2.2 million jobs. Despite President Obama’s promise that the so-called “stimulus” would keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent, the Labor Department reported today that June’s unemployment rate unsurprisingly remained high at 9.5 percent. It is important to note …

  • Commercial Real Estate — the Next Industry to Be Nationalized?

    As I discussed in my earlier post, the sugar high is finally wearing off from the commercial real estate bubble. Not to fear, the government is here! Crushing last year’s purchases in just one quarter, the federal government is using some clever tricks to artificially “stimulate” the slumping market: At the same time, federal leasing …

  • Only 6% Believe the Stimulus Created Jobs

    And the number of those who believe the stimulus will eventually create jobs continues to steadily drop.  Remarkably, this means that “more people believe that Bush knew [about] 9/11 than believe that Porkulus created jobs.” Read more on these poll results here.

  • More stimulus leads to bigger government.

    From The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights, Obama’s Backward Economics by Yaron Brook provides appropriate commentary: Barack Obama claims that Americans can only stave off economic disaster by trillions in government spending–which means trillions of dollars taxed or borrowed to finance government make-work programs,” said Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Center for Individual …

  • Cash for Caulkers

    If you regularly watch or read interviews with Peter Schiff, you’ll know he has long predicted a ‘dough-for-dumps’ program.  Like many of the other successes he’s had in forecasting the economic situation we are in, it appears his dough-for-dumps scenario may be realized to an extent.  Expect to see it announced next week by the …