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Tag: Tax Day Ideas
  • Tax Day Protests

    Although many college students do not worry as much about paying taxes as their elders do, Tax Day (April 18th this year) is still a great time to plan activism on campus because of the attention the media pays to activities that are planned on this day.   You may remember that the 2009 “Tax …

  • Tax Day Events: Auburn

    Auburn University held a table at the East Alabama Patriots Tax Day event this past Thursday. Notice on the right side of the picture below the large death and taxes sign. It makes for a great visual at any YAL event! Check out the massive national debt display Auburn is holding on their campus tomorrow!

  • Tax Day Ideas: ASU SFL

    In this video, ASU’s chapter of Students for Liberty give a great interview to a student on campus about taxes. It’s another example of what campuses can do for their own Tax Day events this Thursday.

  • Tax Day Ideas: National Debt Display

    Make a massive display on your campus of maybe the largest monkey on the legislators’ back — the national debt. Make the display on a large poster or a large piece of cardboard. Put an individual number on 14 seperate pieces of paper. Line them up and you should have a pretty big display. Hand …

  • Tax Day Ideas: Post Office

    This activism idea for Tax Day is an obvious one, yet really effective. There is no place on April 15th where you will find more people sympathetic to your cause than at your local post office (Tea Party events being an obvious exception). The post office is full of irritated, last-second tax payers and is a hot …

  • Tax Day Ideas

    Friends of YAL, If you have any activism ideas in regards to Tax Day, please share them on the blog or send them into activism@yaliberty.org. Don’t be shy; the more ideas we receive the better. Here’s my first idea. Think you can do better? IRS THUGZ The IRS THUGZ will “make it rain” with the …