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Tag: The Daily Show
  • The New Stimulus Package

    We often hear how entertainment and satire are a great way to get our citizenry involved in the political process. Well, the Daily Show on Thursday was trying to get people thinking about a big issue in this election cycle — money in politics. John Oliver did a special about all the money in politics, suggesting that it could …

  • Why Jon Stewart Is Probably the Best Mainstream Pundit

    I really think Jon Stewart is becoming one of the best political commentators out there.  He has always done a good job in mixing humor and ridicule of the mainstream media, but lately he has been moving from a overall leftist perspecitve, to a more “common sense” one.  While I may disagree with him on …

  • Principle in Washington: As Real as Pro Wrestling


    WATCH IT.  (…if you have a telly.  I don’t.  It will be online by Thursday at the latest though.)

  • The Unwinnable War in Afghanistan

    I haven’t been watching the Daily Show much recently because they haven’t quite gotten over their affection for Mr. Obama, despite his many failings.  This, however, is excellent. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c The Unwinnable War in Afghanistan www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Healthcare Protests

  • The Notorious AIG

    Jon Stewart is usually better in his criticism than his advice for government, of course, and he still hasn’t completely gotten over his enamorment with Barack Obama.  Here, however, he anticipates what will happen when “Ben Bernanke gets ahold of the jackass who negotiated that original bailout deal with AIG back in September that allowed …

  • Mess O’Potamia…Yes, it’s back.