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Tag: The Fed
  • I’m Not Sure Whether to Laugh or Puke

    I was reading an issue of Reason Magazine that I have left over from an old YAL activism kit, and I came across this disturbing little gem. The article links to a page on the University of Nebraska’s website where they have catalogued government propaganda in the form of comic books. Brian Doherty says in the Reason article,  There …

  • Dr. Paul Discussing The Fed, Global Government, and Much More On Alex Jones TV!

    Dr. Ron Paul was recently a guest on  Alex Jones TV. The charismatic Paul discusses our obvious — if not inevitable — slide toward global governance and how the  bureaucrats are making an ultimate effort to make this nightmare a reality.  This is a wake up call for America (and the world) to expose what these insidious individuals …

  • Fed Alert

    Thief-in-chief Obama has announced that he will keep Bernanke as Fed chairman for another term. Unfortunately, this means more devaluing of the dollar and more money printing. It was also announced that head of the NY AFL-CIO, Denis Hughes, will be the head of the New York Fed. And it’s H.R. 1207 that is going …

  • We can only hypothesize, really