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Tag: The Humble Libertarian
  • 79% of Americans Favor Auditing the Fed

    That’s almost 8/10!  From the Humble Libertarian: Rasmussen Reports (H/T to Daily Paul): “Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke on Thursday voiced his opposition to legislation calling for regular audits of the Fed’s monetary policies, but 79% [holy cow!] of Americans think auditing the Fed is a good idea. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone …

  • Republicans: Why Would America Want You Back?

    Today I rediscovered The Humble Libertarian, to my great enjoyment.  I don’t know much about the site, but definitely worth reading is a post from yesterday titled “Republicans: Why Would America Want You Back?”  Here’s a short excerpt, addressed to the GOP: You criticize Obama for huge deficits and skyrocketing debt. But, you ran huge …