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Tag: The Nation
  • Another Bi-Partisan Policy

    John Nichols at The Nation has a pithy and pointed article on the defeat of Dennis Kucinich’s bill to end the war in Afghanistan. The article reminds me of something Tom Woods said at the Rally for the Republic: “We have in this country two parties: the stupid party and the evil party. Occasionally, they get …

  • The Heroic Left-Right Peace Conference

    Dan McCarthy of The American Conservative invited YAL’s Nick Leavens, Shaun Bowen, and me to attend a bipartisan peace conference last week. Attendees came to the meeting hoping to form a broad antiwar coalition. Disagreements arose, but we were unified in opposition to  Obama’s wars and the bipartisan foreign policy of empire.  The meeting, organized by Voters for Peace chair Kevin Zeese, and former …