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Tag: The Onion
  • Flag Linked To 143 Million Deaths!

    Who knew that a seemingly harmless object could be correlated to so much death?

  • Mainstream Economics

    This clip from The Onion in 2008 really sounds like any mainstream media conversation about the economy. 

  • The Onion Never Forgets

    The world is hilarious if you look in the right places, and The Onion happens to be one of those places… Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

  • US To Trade Gold for Cash at Cash4Gold

    Thanks to LewRockwell.com.

  • Not Change

    The Onion encapsulates the Obama Administration: Obama Revises Campaign Promise Of ‘Change’ To ‘Relatively Minor Readjustments In Certain Favorable Policy Areas’ WASHINGTON—In a slight shift from his campaign trail promise, President Obama announced Monday that his administration’s message of “Change” has been modified to the somewhat more restrained slogan “Relatively Minor Readjustments in Certain Favorable …

  • The Onion on the United Nations

  • Classified

    The Onion has put out this video mocking the secretive nature with which the government steals our freedoms.  Almost more interesting than the video itself, though, are some of the comments on this Youtube posting of it: a least a quarter of the comments are firmly convinced that it’s quite real. The sadness of a …

  • The First 100 Days…

    …are apparently almost over, actually.  But don’t worry, The Onion has been keeping track of things for us. Today is Day 93: DAY 93: Taking his cue from President Obama’s $800 billion stimulus bill, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan goes on a spending spree not seen since the days of Caligula. Other noteworthy days include: DAY …

  • A Better Excuse For Taking Your Money

    The Onion News Network offers us a better excuse than most given by the government for taking our money (though the part about a need for immediate action and no questions sounds slightly familiar….)