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Tag: The state at the Airport
  • National Insecurity from the TSA and Sen. Lautenberg

    This story, which I heard about earlier this week and was covered more extensively by Lew Rockwell and Andrew Napolitano on yesterday’s “Freedom Watch,” is yet another outrage courtesy of a completely out-of-control “national security” state.  Haisong Jiang, Chinese national and doctoral candidate of molecular biology at Rutgers University, was near a TSA “security checkpoint” when he spontaneously (Duh) decided …

  • Grin it and and “bare it” for the state?

    The TSA is expanding its “bold new approach” to airport security, using “stimulus” funds to order up 150 more “whole body imaging systems” for purposes of “national security.” If you can stomach this sort of monstrosity, take a quick glance at the picture of this screened man prominently displayed on the TSA’s own website. These naked …