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Tag: Third Party
  • Independent “Internet Candidate” in 2012?

    Note:  YAL does not support or oppose any candidates for office.

  • Angry, “progressive-libertarian,” 3rd party on the way?

    Apart from the GOP “liberty forum,” which includes as few as two or dozens of 2010 candidates depending upon whom you ask, there is little to offer in the way of choices in next year’s elections. Thus, I’m excited to see Gerald Celente’s prognosis of a 2010 “progressive-libertarian” third party arising. It’s always good to be skeptical of …

  • Newt Gingrich Warns of Third Party Intrusion in 2012

    It seems like the Republican Party is starting to pay attention to the possibility of a major third party presence in the next election, given that “Mr. Republican” himself — Newt Gingrich — is talking about it. From CNN: Former House speaker Newt Gingrich is warning of a third party mutiny in 2012 if Republicans …