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  • Tom Palmer Presents the Morality of Capitalism at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

    Last week, Cato senior fellow and Atlas Economic Research Foundation executive Vice President Dr. Tom Palmer visited the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to provide a moral defense for free market capitalism. The event, hosted by the Young Americans for Liberty@ UCCS, drew a crowd of over 25 people, many of whom stayed long …

  • Tom Palmer in Colorado Springs Thursday, March 15th

    Is capitalism moral? Most agree that markets produce economic efficiency and wealth, but believe that they also bread immorality and injustice. Tom Palmer, author of Students For Liberty’s The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You, will be in Colorado Springs to argue that capitalism is, in fact, a truly moral system. “Love and …

  • Tom Palmer Schools Lou Dobbs

    Below, Tom Palmer reminds hyper-nativist Lou Dobbs that protectionist policies always undermine American liberty, prosperity, and national security. Tom is an excellent debater, so it’s always fun to watch him in action.  But seeing the irascible Dobbs blow a few gaskets may be the most entertaining part of the clip. (Next time, let’s hope Lou combusts!)

  • Free Trade = Capitalism, Civilization, and Peace

    A three minute lesson from Cato’s Tom Palmer.

  • Palmer on the Broken Window Fallacy

    In a lucid explanation of the Frederic Bastiat’s broken window fallacy, Cato’s Tom Palmer explains why destruction of property and mass murder doesn’t stimulate the economy, contra Keynesians like Paul “9/11 could do economic good” Krugman:

  • Cockerill Interviews Dr. Tom Palmer

    The merits of minarchism vs. anarcho-capitalism are a matter of serious debate, albeit not tension, between members of YAL. Cato Sr. Fellow Dr. Tom Palmer was kind enough to do an interview with me, which included extensive discussion on this topic (click below the jump for more):

  • Assumptions make an A$$ out of you and me

    Prior to one of my interviews, I failed to live up to the journalistic  standards  that   the “real” media pretends to abide by. Specifically, I came into an interview with  Cato Senior Scholar Tom Palmer several months back with negative preconceptions. I knew he had been a critic of Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute and an advocate of military intervention in Afghanistan. I also felt cynical …

  • Christmas Break Liberty Reading list

    While we’re on the subject, I’d like to share my Holiday Reading list. Yes — it’s a bit scant. But I want to actually, um, read all the stuff I say I will. Realizing Freedom by Tom G. Palmer (big fan of Palmer’s and can’t wait to open a signed, free copy!) Anarchy State and Utopia …

  • Tom Palmer to talk to YAL!

    This is rather short notice, but Tom Palmer of Cato has agreed to do an interview with me for YAL tomorrow afternoon. Submit any questions you want asked to this thread or email me!

  • Freedom Watch 5/13/09

    The most recent episode of the FOX internet TV show hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano featured guests Ron Paul, Daniel Hannan, Lew Rockwell, Peter Schiff, Shelley Roche, and Tom Palmer. They discuss recent issues relevant to those who love freedom and the Constitution. Part 1 is embedded below, and here is a link to the …