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  • Millennials are winning the battle against campus speech codes

    My latest column at TownHall.com discusses how young libertarians are defeating campus speech codes around the country: Despite its protection in our Constitution, free speech has never been a given in the United States. From the struggle to pass the First Amendment to Twentieth Century prohibitions on anti-war speech, every American generation has fought some …

  • Planning to take a Tour of the District of Corruption (D.C.)?

    Here’s a visual metaphor of what to expect: (Cartoon from Townhall)

  • The Global Warming Boogeyman

    As if the cold days and snowstorms in February weren’t enough! Here is a list of other things attributable to global warming:  

  • Townhall gun carrier reflects on publicity

    Excuse the video quality (don’t get seasick), but here’s a followup video with the man who brought a gun to the Obama townhall meeting (I still haven’t managed to catch his name.  Have you figured it out?)  Interesting in this video is how the policeman who confronted him admitted to not really knowing the law …

  • Hardball Interview with Obama Townhall Gunman

    Earlier today a New Hampshire resident carried a gun to a townhall meeting held by President Obama in his state.  Here’s his interview on Hardball, where he holds his own admirably, defending his position well and warding off Matthews’ unfounded but insistent insinuations of his predilections for violence and the “birther” movement.