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Tag: Treasury
  • Redecoration

    Some green stripes of Federal Reserve Notes might look nice, too.

  • Build America Bonds

    Recently, I stumbled across an article entitled, “BABs saves issuers $12 billion, Treasury says.” According to the Treasury, “state and local governments will save $12.3 billion in borrowing costs by issuing federally subsidized taxable bonds, called Build America Bonds, during the first year of the program.” Up until now, I had never heard of BABs, …

  • More Bailouts, More Government Takeover

    The government already has a huge stake in our economy, but soon it will be even larger. The Treasury announced Wednesday that they will be giving GMAC 3.8 billion dollars to help bailout of the company. The Wall Street Journal reports: The additional aid brings the total U.S. investment in GMAC to $16.3 billion and …