YAL in Action

Check out YAL activities on campus and updates from around the liberty movement.

  • Patriots vs. PATRIOT Act

    On Thursday, November 26, the Patriots of University of the Cumberlands YAL chapter suited up to invade students’ privacy. Joining Young Americans for Liberty chapters around the nation, UC YAL took part in #RestoreThe4th, protesting the unconstitutional elements of the PATRIOT Act, as well as other government spying projects. YALers at Cumberlands dressed up in …

  • Water Bombs Against the AUMF

       Monday, September 25, we at University of the Cumberlands YAL stepped up and got soaked in order to support reigning U.S. foreign policy back under the bounds of the Constitution where it belongs.  Our YAL chapter made a splash with students as well as with administration, working to preserve all student groups’ abilities to …