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Tag: US Census
  • Recount?

    Coincidentally, on the official “Census Day,” my household received a second 2010 Census form to fill out. Not a different one, the same form. I had already filled the original form out a few weeks ago and returned it; you know, because I didn’t want that fine. The Census Director explained why on his blog: …

  • Respond to the Census…or Else

    The letter that Ralph Groves, Director of the US Census Bureau, recently sent to the American people certainly gives an insight into the nature of the federal government.  Not only are the federal government’s policies blatantly coercive and intrusive, but they also are stated as if the American people were a bunch of three-year-olds being …

  • YAL Welcomes Illustrator Brian Defferding

    YAL is excited to announce the addition of political cartoonist and illustrator Brian Defferding to its staff.  With that said, we bring you Brian’s first YAL exclusive political cartoon.