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Tag: Victimless Crimes
  • Michael Crook: Worst Person of the Day

    Today, I will be borrowing the idea of “The Worst Person of the Day” from uber statist Keith Olbermann. Today, that award goes to Michael Crook. As you may or may have not heard, Steven Consalvi, a 17 year old from Philadelphia, ran on the field during a Philadelphia Phillies game. Some people may have …

  • Constitutionalism can mean Statism.

    I generally agree with YAL exec Jeff Frazee’s assertion that it is silly to get caught up in wedge debates. We are a movement espousing peace and liberty, and shouldn’t be squandering our creative energy on debating road privatization and other such divisive topics (Anyway, such a task is best relegated to super-nerds like the heroic Walter Block). …