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  • Seeing Markets as Moral

    I recently entered AEI’s 2012 video contest (and won!) with the objective of claiming the moral high ground for free enterprise. The problem with “capitalism” is that it’s often perceived as mean, unfair, immoral, etc. As a marketer, I see perception as 99% of reality. If someone perceives something as real, it is real to them. …

  • Ron Paul Comments on Greece Riots

    This is not just a dollar crisis. ” We are seeing a currency crisis.”  — Ron Paul


    Hat Tip to the Daily Paul.

  • Genius Political Tool of the Day: Pop-Up Video

    This should be mandatory for all political speeches. H/t Hotair:

  • Democrats on Healthcare

    From the House GOP Conference by way of TheNextRight.com: Well played, indeed.

  • Russia Today Interviews YAL on Tax Day

    Rachel Kania:  Young “liberatarian.”

  • Tax Day Tomorrow

    Here is an informative video for you to watch before Tax Day tomorrow. Remember to take plenty of pictures and video of the event you attend! Thanks to CATO for the video.

  • Ron Paul to Introduce New Health Care Bill

    There is plenty of buzz about Ron Paul’s new bill to opt out of the individual mandate.  The bill is supposedly one page long and simply states your right to opt out of government-run healthcare. Look for the bill to be introduced any time now! The bill (if released in time) would be a great …

  • Tribute to Mises

  • I Need Your Help

    I need anyone who is good with graphic design/making videos to contact me. I’m trying to organize a moneybomb and we need some skills in that area.  Please contact me at bbeyer6938@gmail.com. You must be a dues paying member of YAL in order to do so.