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Tag: Virginia Tech
  • Virginia Tech’s Campuswide Debate featuring YAL, Young Democrats, College Republicans, and Greens at VT!

    On October 25th, the Virginia Tech chapter of Young Americans for Liberty spoke up for individual liberties and personal rights at the second annual Collegiate Times Campuswide Debate. Our debaters, Caitlyn Tierney, Kladji Sinani, Matt Bracco and Joe Melton eloquently described the importance of a libertarian mindset in modern-day America. The debate fostered open conversation …

  • Virginia Tech…Again

    Two Virginia Tech students were found slain at a nearby campground today.  This is getting absurd. Virginia needs to take some direct and drastic action. I don’t know what the laws are like in Virginia but if they want to put an end to this madness they had better allow people the right to personal …