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  • A Different Type of Election

    Another election has come and gone. At least for a little while, annoying commercials will cease, people will restore friendships damaged by disagreement, and Anderson Cooper will return to prattling about celebrity divorces. Most Americans view elections—especially those of the presidential variety—as choices of unparalleled exigency. For whom they cast a ballot will supposedly be …

  • Vote for Nobody

    Click on the image for its source and a slightly larger view.  Cross-posted here.

  • Before getting your hopes up too high on the recent bailout vote

    Consider this. Yes, the Senate crushed the automotive bailout bill passed by Congress. However, and if I’m not mistaken, this was more of a vote to test the waters to see where the vote tally stood and didn’t really count. You can almost bet that if the vote count would’ve gone the other way, those …