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Tag: Voting
  • Voting Rights of 1965 SCOTUS Decision

    The Supreme Court of the United States of America on June 25, 2013 struck down the coverage formula found in Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Any discussion of mid-20th century civil rights is sure to paint portraits of racial divides and barbaric times of our nation in all justice-minded students of U.S. …

  • SCOTUS In the Spotlight

    This week, the Supreme Court handed down two major decisions that whipped talking heads into a frenzy — for two very different reasons. The first verdict struck down Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act in Shelby County vs. Holder, thus ending decades of extra scrutiny for nine states and districts in several others …

  • How do you decide who to vote for?

    I had a professor in college whose area of research was political parties, their history, and how people identify with them. It was all very interesting, though admittedly I never actually read any of the thesis he had posted among family pictures on his university website. Anyway, his suggestion for voting was to do the …

  • John Stossel on Being an Informed Voter

    Fox News isn’t too keen on its videos being embedded elsewhere on the internet (the “embed code” actually just makes a link back to their main video page — not even the video in question — tricky, tricky…).  But do click here to watch this great new video from John Stossel.